Playboy Mixx “College Crunk 2000″ (classic mixtape)

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In 2000 while Playboy mixx & County Brown were working at Projocks Ent, Mixx created college crunk 2000 with no DJ software, cheat buttons or cues, jus with Real turn tables and skillz. This is a CLASSIC, some of this music will remind you of your age or either great memory’s on the Eastside of St. louis or the early 2000 hip hop club music era.

  • Great for a card party
  • old school new school hip hop party
  • or to study real DJ skillz
  • Notice the barcode…. press up & distributed all through STL & IL in 2000

[mp3-jplayer tracks=" 01-Playboy-intro.mp3, 02-Da-Baddest-Bitch-Trina.mp3, 03-Left-Right-Left-Drama.mp3, 04-BIG-Pimpin-Jay_Z-UGK.mp3, 05-DO-it-Rasheeda-_-Pastor-Troy.mp3, 06-I.C.U-Goodie-Mob.mp3, 07-Work-Somethin-Out-of-order.mp3, 08-Who-Run-it-3-6-mafia.mp3, 09-Country-Grammer-Nelly.mp3, 10-187-BG.mp3, 11-Hell-4-Hustler-2-Pac-_-Outlawz.mp3, 12-Snoopy-Track-Jay-Z.mp3, 13-Vita-Vita-Vita-The-Murderers.mp3, 14-WHOA-BLACK-ROB.mp3, 15-JUMP-Mystical.mp3, 16-BONE-Crusher-LGs.mp3, 17-Da-BUTT-EU.mp3n, 18-Baby-Don-Cry-2-RMX-2_pac-Outlaws.mp3, 20-Ryde-or-die-Bitch-LOX_Timberland_EVE.mp3, 21-Party-UP-UP-in-here-DMX.mp3, 22-You-Owe-Me-NAS-_-Ginuine.mp3, 23-Playboy-Shoutro.mp3, 24-Bonus-Cut.mp3"]


  • Shawn ‘Plaiboy Mixx’ Jackson

    Nice job